5 Tips to Become a Better Street Rider

Motorcycling, like any true sport has an extremely lengthy and gradual learning curve. It’s only fitting then that the true enthusiast be on the constant quest for techniques that will improve his or her riding. Here are 5 things you can do that are guaranteed to bolster whatever skills you currently possess as a rider.

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3 Books to Improve Your Riding Skills


If you live in a part of the world where there’s a “riding season”, then you understand how long the “off season” can be and are likely chomping at the bit (during that dark time) to find ways of reuniting yourself with motorcycling.  A good book isn’t as good as a ride on your favorite twisty road, but it’s a good way to brush up on your technique and revisit aspects of the sport we love so dearly.

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Tips for Riding Tail of the Dragon on a Motorcycle

If you’ve been riding motorcycles in North America for any amount of time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of “Tail of the Dragon” (TOTD).  An expansive stretch of road that spans the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, featuring an extremely high concentration of curves (318 to be exact) over an 11 mile stretch of pristine pavement.  So, you may ask: does it really live up to the hype?

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Superbike vs Supernaked: A Real World Comparison

“Naked bike” or sportbike? Superbike or “supernaked”? 10 years ago, the answer to this question was much more obvious -“supernakeds” didn’t exist, so it was more a matter of “how fast do you want to go”. For many, the answer was “real fast” and that fuelled the sportbike craze that carried well into the new millennia. Today’s reality looks a little different however.

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Horsepower: Is “More” better?

I’ve got a bone to pick with the motorcycle industry: I don’t buy into the “more horsepower is better” mentality that many riders subscribe to.  I also don’t buy into more HP = more fun (why we ride motorcycles in the fist place) and believe that more horsepower can actually have a negative effect when it comes to rider development.   What I do believe is that stereotypes, social pressure, ego and mass media have pressured riders into buying unnecessarily high horsepower machines. Rant continued below.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle Wheelies


Photo credit:  On Any Sunday (movie), 1971

Riding a motorcycle on its rear wheel (also known as a “wheelie” or “catwalk”) is one of the most exhilarating feelings a bike can provide. Being equal parts daunting, dangerous, thrilling and rewarding (like most things in life), motorcycle wheelies are a skill that is difficult to master, which is why we’re providing you, our loyal readers with the Comprehensive Guide to Motorcycle Wheelies.

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