ChanceMoto offers professional services that are designed to help you to get the most out of motorcycling. Every rider’s needs are different so we create customized programs for each customer. Reach out to connect and we’ll put together something that’s tailored to your exact needs.

  • Mechanical TrainingIMG_0758.JPG
    • We believe that the best way to maximize your motorcycling experience is by doing your own work on the bike(s) you ride
    • Learn how to properly maintain your motorcycle, install aftermarket parts or perform routine repairs
    • Our 1 on 1 training programs were created with the novice in mind and our instructors will teach you how to do mechanical work at our shop, using your own bike in a simple, step-by-step framework so that you can learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you
    • Training programs are available to cover all basic motorcycle maintenance procedures, repairs and aftermarket modifications on new and old bikes of all makes and models:
      • Oil and filter change
      • Chain adjustment, maintenance and lubrication
      • Brake system maintenance (bleeding, fluid replacement, line replacement, etc)
      • Suspension system maintenance (fork oil change, suspension adjustment, etc)
      • Coolant system maintenance
      • Custom build advice and support
      • Aftermarket part installation
      • Basic repairs
      • Track day prep
      • Motorcycle detailing
  • Custom Buildsimg_4777
    • Looking for something unique or want to customize a bike?
    • We do everything from rebuilds/restores to custom bikes and can even help you source the “donor” bike if you don’t already have one
  • Motorcycle ConsultingIMG_3613.JPG
    • Purchasing or selling a motorcycle can be a daunting task, whether you’re on the used market and trying to find a reliable bike or haggling with dealers over the latest and greatest machines -we have experience and relationships that make the process easy and enjoyable so you can rest at ease knowing you got the best bike for your money or the best money for your used bike
    • Through our network of reputable dealers, resellers and our expertise in matching riders and bikes, you can sit back and enjoy the guided experience of purchasing or selling your motorcycle, knowing you have a guide who has your best interest at heart

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