Live customer references are also available. Please contact us for more details.

Paul, Toronto, Ontario: Used Motorcycle Purchase

“I wasn’t sure what to look for when buying a used Ducati as my second bike.  It was great to have someone on my side who knew what to look for, could test ride the bike and help me find one that checked all the right boxes.  Shawn is a professional and you can tell that he does this because he cares (not because he needs the money).  Instead of worrying about buying a used bike, I got to enjoy the process and learn a lot at the same time.”

Geoff, Los Angeles, California: Mechanical Training

“I’ve always wanted to work on my own bike but never got around to it because I was afraid I’d break something or get frustrated.  The good thing about Shawn is that he’s self-taught and has done both corporate training at his “real job” and has been a college professor.  He provided world-class training, tailored to my level, all while working on my own bike.  I learned which tools I’ll need to buy to do my own work and how to use them. I’ve gained the confidence to do some of my own maintenance now and would recommend spending a few hours wrenching with Shawn to anyone who wants to learn more about their bike.”

Frank , Toronto, Ontario: Personal Shopping

“The number of options out there for gear are sometimes too much to keep up with.  I’ve known Shawn for a while and he always seems up-to-date with the latest and greatest.  He took me to 2 bike shows to look at gear and I ended-up saving a fair amount of money and feeling awesome about the jacket, boots and gloves I bought.  He knows a lot of people in the industry and got me deals saved that saved me most of what his consultation cost me!”