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Fueled by a passion for motorcycling.  Driven by the love of people who ride. Exploring every aspect of riding, from the machines to the technology, the gear, the destinations and the people. Chance Moto is about Honesty, Motorcycles and Advice.

Many years in the making, Chance Moto comes from the mind of a long-devoted motorcyclist, Shawn Chance: equal parts road racer, recreational rider, dirt rider, teacher and mechanic.  Based in Toronto Canada, Chance Moto is a unique project that seeks to offer knowledge to the broad motorcyling community, allowing riders of all skill levels to discover, get more enjoyment from and ride motorcycles more safely.

As a boutique company, we offer flexible, personalized services that enrich the motorcycling experience. Our workshop is available by appointment only and is located in the GTA core (Ontario, Canada).

IMG_4855Riding a motorcycle is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

-Shawn Chance

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