5 Street Riding Faux-Pas

Allow us to introduce to you, the "squid".  Not the cephalopod, octopus-looking sea creature, but rather the motorcycle-riding "squirrely kid".  Perhaps best defined by Urban Dictionary, the squid is a common sighting in most urban jungles, exhibiting behaviours that are often dangerous to both themselves and to those around them.   Our hope in publishing... Continue Reading →

Modern Motorcycle Systems and Sensors

In 1980, the average motorcycle had a handful of sensors.  Today, it's commonplace to find over 20 sensors on a bike. Since fuel injection, motorcycles have been adopting new technologies to increase safety, improve performance and offer new features.  The advantages and appeal of features like ABS, Lean-Angle Sensing Traction Control, Wheelie Control and even Tire... Continue Reading →

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