A Great 3 Hour Motorcycle Loop from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We occasionally hear riders in the GTA complain that “there are no good roads around Toronto”.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth (especially if you’ve read our 4 great loops near Toronto article).  The subject today is a short, 180km loop that can be done in 3 hours (or extended to 5 hours), departing from downtown Toronto.  Enjoy!

Caledon Loop (180 kms, 3 hours + stops)

Google Map Link here

Leave the city by heading up Highway 400 North and get off at Teston Rd. You can get fuel (or meet up with your riding group) at the gas station just east of the 400 on Teston Rd.  Head west to Weston rd and ride North to Kirby road where you get off the main roads (and will remain for the majority of this loop).  At the end of Kirby rd, head north on Pine Valley Dr.  Zig-zag to get to King Vaughn rd and stay on that until it turns into Concession 10.  Make a quick left on Highway 11 (King Rd.) where you will connect with a nice road to the north, Concession 11.  Up to this point, all you’ve done is zig-zag on “B” roads to avoid the highway and row through the gears a little.  Don’t worry, it gets twister from here.

Head north on Concession 11 until you hit 17th sideroad (also known as Castlederg rd.).  Follow 17th sideroad west until you get to highway 7 (Airport rd.).  This stretch has a few stop signs with some interesting corners in between.  Beware that this road is often well patrolled so this is not a place to get too crazy.  Make a quick right on AIrport rd, then a left at the next major intersection (Highway 12/Old Base Line rd.).  From here, you can stay on Highway 12 all the way to Highway 10 / Hurontario st.  If you’re aventurous and enjoy the zig-zagging, you can take Mountainview rd north and connect with The Grange Side rd, heading West still towards Highway 10.

Once at Highway 10, make a quick jaunt north to connect with the well-travelled, often-over-rated-but-still-worth-riding-just-not-like-a-total-squid Forks of The Credit Rd (Highway 11).  Yes, there will be law enforcement on this road and if you ride like an idiot, act or even look like one, you may get hassled (moral of the story: don’t be an idiot).  At the end of the road, there is the excellent Higher Grounds Coffee which has outdoor seating, decent coffee, ice cream and quite decent breakfast sandwiches.  It’s also a good spot to take in local motorcycle culture on week ends.  Kind of like Toronto’s Rock Store or Newcomb’s, if there’s such a thing.

After a pit stop here (if you wish), you can either double back by reversing the route to complete what is a 3 hour round-trip.  If you want to extend the loop, you can add on the following extension.

Caledon Loop Extension (112 kms, 2 hours + stops)

Google Maps Link here

The loop extension takes you on some much-less-travelled roads and through some sleepy little towns around Georgetown and Halton Hills.

From Higher Grounds / Forks of the Credit rd., follow Mississauga Rd (Highway 1) heading south until you hit King St. (Highway 9) towards Terra Cotta.  Ride through Terra Cotta and connect onto Winston Churchill blvd (Highway 19), continuing south.  Turn right (West) on Main St. (signs for “Old School Rd”) which turns into Highway 22 and Wildwood rd.  You will ride through a twisty, hilly residential area so pace yourself accordingly.

Turn right on Highway 7 after the 180 degree sweeper and cut back, then pass the rather curious Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower (interesting fact: it’s actually where they print the publication, not so much a place of worship).  Up the hill, you’ll see an Esso gas station on the right (corner of Highway 7 and 22nd Side Road) which is a good fuel stop if you’re running low or need a break.

Doing this loop in the fall is spectacular and your bike may be compelled to pose for pictures like this one…

Whether or not you stop, you’ll want to continue riding west on 22nd Side Road through Limehouse which is a really quaint little town.  Again, this is a sleepy little town so don’t ride like an idiot and the residents will keep waving at motorcyclists as we ride through, rather than scowling at us.  You’ll follow the road over an old railway bridge, then to Fourth Line where you’ll make a quick zig-zag (surprise!) to continue on 22nd Side Road on the other side.  If it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere at this point, it’s because you are.  There’s an active gravel pit / excavation site on this road which is worth a stop if you want to take a peek.  Pavement conditions are mixed and there is very little traffic out this way, even on week ends.

22nd Side Road ends at Nassagaweya-Esquesing Townline where you can make a left to continue the route.  The roads more or less ends at 15 Side Road where you can make a right. As you ride SW on 15, be mindful of the “S” curves you will encounter with the signs for “Motorcyclists Please Slow Down” signs.  Yes, the “S” curves are fun, but they are deceptive, with gravel at times and decreasing radius corners that have cought many a rider out.  We recall seeing an older gentleman on a bagger meet up with a tree on those S curves, right on a local resident’s front lawn.  Don’t be like him.

As you continue still on 15 Side Road, you’ll come to Guelph Line where there is a Petro Canada which is another good fuel option.  Continue SW on 15 Side Road into the small town of Moffat.  15 Side Road now turns (left) into Highway 36 / Concession 11.  You will want to stay on Highway 36 west, into Badenoch.  Make a left on Watson Rd. S. which will take you aross Highway 401 (Macdonald Cartier Freeway) and into Mountsberg / Cambellville where our loop extension ends.

Depending on your plans from there, you can either a) jump on the 401, b) head further south to the 403 (which will get you back to the city in a hurry) or if you have time, c) double back on the route and do the whole thing backwards to complete the 5 hour loop.

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