KTM 690 SMC Oil Change DIY

In this Chance Moto DIY, we’ll be doing a detailed step-by-step walkthrough on how to perform an oil change on the KTM 690 (LC4) motor.  This procedure was performed on a 2010 690 SMC but will apply to many of the 690 bikes.

Tools & Supplies Required: Ratchet, extension, T20 Torx, 13mm & 14mm sockets, reverse pliers (optional), 10W50 oil, 2 x KTM filters, new o rings and crush washer (optional), oil drain pan, pig mat.

The 690 motor is somewhat unusual for a street motor in that it has three places to drain the oil and two (different) oil filters.

Step 1: Go for a 10 minute ride or start the bike and let it idle until oil has gotten up to operating temperature (important). Place bike on side stand to get maximum oil drained out of motor. Remove oil filler cap.

Step 2: The oil drain bolt is located on the left side of the motor (13mm socket), beside one of the two oil screens. Pull both out and let oil start draining.

Step 3: The oil drain bolt is magnetic. Be sure to check it for metal filings which could be a sign of problems within the motor. A small amount of metal shavings in normal. Clean the oil screen filter with compressed air to dislodge any particles.

Step 4: Pull the second oil screen (14mm socket), located on the front of the motor and clean in same manner as previously described.

Step 5: On the left side of the bike, remove the oil filter cover bolts (2 x T20 Torx).

Step 6: Remove the oil filter, using reverse pliers. Note that the oil filter is directional. Inserting it backwards will result in catastrophic engine failure. Important to note for later.

Clean the mating surface and oil filter gallery with a clean cloth.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the left side of the bike for the second oil filter.

Step 8: Inspect oil filter cover gaskets (2) and replace if necessary (new gaskets are included in the KTM Oil Filter Service Kit). Repeat process for oil screen gaskets (2) and torque oil screen bolts to 15nm.

Step 9: Saturate new oil filter with fresh oil.

Step 10: Insert oil filter in motor, paying particular attention to orientation (open end goes in first). Ensure you use the correct filter for each side. Purple (large) filter goes on left side of bike and yellow (small) filter goes on right side.

Install cover (2 x T20 Torx) and torque to 6 Nm. Note that these bolts require VERY LITTLE torque and will strip or break easily if over tightened. Repeat process for second oil filter.

Step 11: Inspect oil drain bolt crush washer and replace in necessary (these can sometimes be re-used but always best to use a new washer to avoid oil leaks). Replace oil drain bolt (13mm socket) and torque to 20Nm.

Step 12: Fill motor with 1.5L of oil (total oil capacity is 1.7L). Start the bike and let it idle for 30 seconds, then turn off. This allows oil to move through the system and completely saturate both oil filers.

Step 13: Use sight glass to top oil level up between top and bottom lines. Note that bike must be held upright in order to get an accurate reading (NOT on side stand). Remember to put oil filler cap back when done filling.

Step 14: Take the bike for a quick ride (go around the block a couple times). Turn bike off and check oil level to confirm correct amount has been added. Also check all seals (oil filters, drain bolt and oil screens) for leaks.

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