Project Hypermotard 939 SP: Evotech Radiator & Engine Guard Install DIY

We’ve done over 6,000 kms on the Hyper and it’s becoming obvious that the sexy (short) carbon front mudguard doesn’t keep rocks and debris from hitting the radiator and front of the engine. Installing some simple guards such as Evotech’s Radiator and Engine guards should provide the protection we are looking for, as seen in this simple DIY.

The guards can be purchased separately or as a complete set (there are 3 in total: radiator, engine and oil cooler) and although you could probably run a bike for tens of thousands of kilometers without adverse mechanical effects, for aesthetic purposes alone, we think this is a mod worth doing.

Mounting the radiator guard does not require any new mounting hardware, other than 2 small strips of weatherproofing (foam) tape that keep the guard from rubbing against the radiator.

The process simply involves removing the left and right side covers (2 bolts on each side), then sliding the guard over the radiator and re-attaching the side covers with the original bolts.

Our bike is running aftermarket carbon fiber side covers (which are thinner than stock) so we had to shim the bolts with some aluminum washers to keep eveything tight.

The Engine (sump) guard is also a simple install but does require some new mounting hardware which is provided by Evotech.

We’ve used Evotech’s engine and rad guards on previous bikes and the powdercoated finish common to their parts tends to hold up quite well over time.

The engine guard mounts at three points under the bike.  It requires the removal of the two bolts that secure the oil cooler and a third bolt that secures a bracket for the oil cooler hoses.

The 3 engine guard mounting points shown from below (front of the bike is to the right for orientation).

Once in place, the engine guard sits behind the radiator guard, giving the front underside of the bike a uniform black finish.

As you can see above, the oil cooler is relatively untouched by road debris (so far), so we will continue to watch it and perhaps add the Evotech Oil Cooler Guard at a later time if it starts showing wear.

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