Motorcycle Oil Change DIY: 15 Step Guide

Changing a motorcycle's oil is the most important procedure to stay on top of when it comes to bike maintenance. It's a relatively simple job but requires attention and an understanding of your bike to avoid mistakes that could be costly. During regular use, manufacturers typically recommend an oil change every 6,000-10,000 kms or yearly,... Continue Reading →

Project Hypermotard 939 SP: FootPeg Replacement DIY

Ducati's Hypermotard platform is arguably its most versatile, featuring models that can do everything from touring (Hyperstrada), street riding (Hypermotard) and track duty (Hypermotard SP).  What's unfortunate however is that Ducati outfitted all 3 bikes with the same footpegs.  Under normal riding conditions, the stockers are up-to-task, but push closer to a racing pace and... Continue Reading →

Project Hypermotard 939 SP: Tank Guard DIY

The narrow profile of the Hypermotard encourages a rider to grip the tank panels with his knees. Problem is that those glorious, shiny tank panels scuff easily which is why we developed this simple and affordable DIY. The solution involves the application of clear, protective film to the area where the rider's legs make contact... Continue Reading →

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